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Our History

It all started in the spring of 1981 when Dick Brink left the Portland Bicycle Exchange (PBX) to open up the doors of CycleMania at 396 Fore Street in the Old Port District of Portland, Maine. Following right behind Dick was his younger brother David Brink who also worked at the PBX part time during his high school years. The business was an immediate success and in just a few years CycleMania moved to a larger location at 188 State Street (Longfellow Square). CycleMania had already made a lasting mark in the Maine cycling scene at that point by creating and sticking to our core values of: passion for cycling, industry experience, excellent customer service, and quality of products.

In 1987, Dick sold the business to Eddie Quinn, a good friend, fellow racer, and someone looking for a new business venture. Eddie and David hit the ground running together as they both had a passion for bike racing, and wanted to share their cycling experience with the community. In 1990 the shop was forced to move once again due to a fire in which most everything was lost. Thankfully, the doors of CycleMania were able to open just two months later at 59 Federal Street. We can’t thank our customers and community enough for their continued support during that time period.

Over the 27-year relationship of Eddie and David, CycleMania experienced tremendous growth while making sure to never lose sight of the core values that were in place from the beginning. In 2015 CycleMania moved one more time to its current location at 65 Cove Street. After a long and successful run, Eddie retired in 2016, selling the business to David and his wife Spence. David and Spence, along with a dedicated team of top tier mechanics and salespeople, continue the tradition to this day of providing the best experience when it comes to anything bicycle related. CycleMania has grown to be the largest bicycle shop in Maine as well as a global favorite by offering only the finest products and the best customer care and service. Few businesses, let alone bike shops, are in their 5th decade and CycleMania is honored to have provided service to several generations of customers!

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