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Lobster Trap Basket

 Lobster Trap Basket
This item is currently not available.


Made completely from lobster trap components, the Bicycle Trap Basket has the appearance of a small lobster trap, but it is made to haul cargo on a bicycle.

The trap basket without barnacles has the following features:

All the components are new.
The Trap Basket works best with the Blackburn EX-1, Bontrager and Delta Cycle MEGARACK series rear racks, although it may fit on other racks. If you're not sure if the Trap Basket will fit on your existing rear rack, send us a photo, and we'll let you know. If you don’t already have a rear bike rack, we have them listed for sale on this website.
It has a “quick release” mechanism and handles, so you can easily remove the basket from the rack and take it with you to the store, to the beach, or into your home.
The Trap Basket internal cargo area measures 13.5" wide x 10.5" deep x 9" high, and weighs 4.9 lb. with all the components. The wire is PVC-coated galvanized steel.
There are bungee cords to keep your cargo secure while riding.
The Trap Basket is light-weight, yet rugged. After all, the components are made for the ocean floor.