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Cygolite Metro Pro 1200 Headlight

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Introducing the Metro Pro 1200, the most compact 1200 lumen bike light ever. As bright as it is sleek and compact, the Metro Pro is an incredible achievement of precision crafted ingenuity. At the push of a button, day-like brilliance maximizes your line of sight into the night ahead with an ultra-refined long-range and extra-wide beam. Beyond its exceptional night capabilities, powerful daytime visible flashes make you stand out in broad daylight on busy streets. This is American bicycle lighting innovation.

- Incredibly powerful 1,200 lumens in the most compact and stylish form.
- Cycling tuned optics throws a long-range, extra-wide beam to cover road and mountain biking.
- Daytime visible flashes make you stand out on busy streets.

Technology and Safety
- 9 lighting modes for day and night use (Boost, High, Medium, Low, SteadyPulse®, DayLightning®, Triple Flash, Zoom, Walking mode)
- SteadyPulse® mode alerts motorists with attention-grabbing pulses while its overlapping steady beam constantly lights your way at night.
- DayLightning® flash mode bursts lightning-like flashes to make you stand out in broad daylight on busy streets.
- Hard clamp handlebar mount with quick release secures the light in tough terrain.
- Durable, compact size, and weighs only 150 grams.
- IP67 water-resistant for use in all weather conditions.
- USB rechargeable with 1:15 to 65 hours of run time, and 2:30 hours fast charging.
- Light mode memory saves the mode you're in before the light is turned off.
- Light Lock Mode lets you disable the light for transport or storage.
- Low battery indicator alerts you when a charge is needed.

- Boost: 1:15 hr
- High: 2 hr
- Medium: 3 hr
- Low: 7 hr
- SteadyPulse®: 3:45 hr
- Zoom: 8 hr
- Triple Flash: 21 hr
- DayLightning® Flash: 14 hr
- Walking: 65 hr

- 2:30 hrs (depending on the charger used)

- Handlebar

- Built-in Li-Ion

- 150g
*Features and specs are subject to change without notice.