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Fit Services

Gone are the days when straddling a bicycle and adjusting the seat height were the extent of bike fitting.  Today‚Äôs modern machines are almost infinitely adjustable allowing us to customize the fit of your bicycle to your body's unique proportions and flexibility.  Whether you are new to cycling or a seasoned veteran, the proper bicycle fit makes all the difference. Our trained staff will be happy to take the time to make sure your bicycle is right for you.


Experience | It Makes the Difference

Some shops use lasers, cameras and body scanning machines, but these are merely tools and they do not guarantee a proper bike fit.  Experience, an understanding of the body's biomechanics and listening to the rider are the keys to a comfortable bike fit.  We have 50+ years of combined bicycle fitting experience along with comprehensive training from some of the most renowned fit technicians in the industry.  Visit us and feel first hand how experience makes the difference.    


Comprehensive Bike Fitting | $75

Whether you have a road, triathlon or mountain bike, we offer one type of fit, the correct one.  Our comprehensive fit begins with a brief interview of your goals, previous injuries and problem areas.  Next we discuss your flexibility and range of motion and begin addressing your fit from the sole of your shoes on up.  This process requires you to bring your bicycle, cycling shoes and comfortable riding clothes and usually takes an hour to an hour and a half.  Appointments are required, call today to schedule yours. 


R.A.D. Cleat Fitting | $65

Clipless pedals are great, but having a misaligned cleat can cause havoc on your knees. The Fit Kit R.A.D. System allows our fit technicians to align your cleats for maximum comfort and efficiency.  A R.A.D. cleat fitting requires that you bring your shoes, bike and riding clothes and usually takes about an hour.  Call today to schedule an appointment.